Staff of SRL

Ing. Anna Kidová, PhD. #Anna is a senior researcher on fluvial geomorphology focused on spatio-temporal river channel changes, its sedimentological and morphological response to flood pulses and human impact, riparian vegetation dynamics and river management issues. e-mail:, ResearchGate profile for Anna

Mgr. Miloš Rusnák, PhD. #Miloš is a senior researcher on fluvial geomorphology, GIS, UAV data acquisition and processing in geomorphological research. He focuses on: a) channel morphology, fluvial processes and sediment connections of gravel-bed rivers; b) processing of spatial data in GIS; c) applications of UAVs in fluvial geomorphology. email:, ResearchGate profile for Miloš

RNDr. Milan Lehotský, CSc. #Milan is a senior researcher on fluvial geomorphology dealing with the study of river evolution and behaviour as a response to environmental impacts in terms of channel pattern changes, bar development and sediment transport and connectivity and river management. e-mail:, ResearchGate profile for Milan

RNDr. Šárka Horáčková, PhD. #Šárka is a postdoctoral researcher specialised in fluvial geomorphology and paleoecology with interest in sedimentary analysis and vegetation development dealing with a long-term changes and their connections to the current spatio-temporal changes in fluvial activity. e-mail:, ResearchGate profile for Šárka

Mgr. Ján Sládek, PhD. #Ján is a junior researcher on fluvial geomorphology, morphotectonics and remote sensing data acquision by UAV technology. As a licenced UAV pilot he has a fruitful experiences in the field of  geomorphological mapping as well as geodetical equipment command. e-mail:

Mgr. Lukáš Michaleje, PhD.

Mgr. Peter Labaš

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