There are not many of the specialized workplaces dealing with watercourses in Slovakia, the more important is the need for their mutual cooperation. The exchange of knowledge among experts from several specialized departments deepens constructive dialogue to address the key issues of river management and protection. The need for mutual and constructive dialogue at the same time offers new challenges in our work. We believe, and on the basis of our experience so far, we know that the interest in the rivers as well as in their cleanliness, their recreational potential, but especially their knowledge and understanding, is not indifferent to the general public as well.  We would like to create a platform, a network of workplaces, and organizations whose activities are directly related to watercourses. Natural processes like the regular occurrence of flood events usually reshape the channel pattern and contribute to floodplain inundation. Respect to nature we wish the interest in these amazing geosystems does not increase only at the time of the flood threats. Our priority is sustainable water management regarding the results of the investigation and river monitoring.


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#SRL is a part of the Institute of Geography SAS working place. We are pleased to work on the Department of Physical Geography, Geomorphology and Natural Hazards where our research clusters contribute to the dissemination of knowledge in the area of fluvial geomorphology. Using state-of-the-art research methods (unmanned aircraft (UAV), photogrammetry, GIS, field survey) we have already investigated several river systems of Slovakia



#cooperation with World Wide Foundation (WWF) Slovakia starts in 2017. The common dialog about optimizing river management on the Belá River supported by our long-term research on this last braided river in Slovakia joins this nongovernmental organization with the academic sphere.