International grants

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Cost Action CA16208 (04/2019 – 11/2021): Knowledge conversion for enhancing management of European riparian ecosystems and services (CONVERGES)

2019 #2nd annual meeting in Pruhonice, Czech Republic #more info 


2020 #Slovakian translation of the report “Riparian zone / Riparian vegetation definition: principles and recommendations” #read and download


2020 #Riparian vegetation responses to global changes, WG1 Workshop in Madrid, Spain #more info

group picture



Cost Action ES1306 (1/2015 – 12/2018): Connecting European Connectivity Research (CONNECTEUR)

2018 #The final meeting in Venice, Italy: What we did and the way forward

The final COST meeting provided the opportunity to conclude the research connectivity activity of the past 4 years, finalize publications, summarize main results achieved and discuss plans to be undertaken after the COST Action #more info


On the photo Dr Anna Kidova and Dr Milos Rusnak
with action chair Dr Saskia Keesstra (in the middle)

2016 #4th MC meeting and WG meetings in Prague, Czech Republic

The conference  program agenda covered the scope and the progress of all five Working Groups to connect the researchers with the policymakers and stakeholders #more info

2015 #3rd MC meeting and WG meetings in Durham, UK

The conference is the third general meeting of international connectivity research.


Prof Kirstie Fryirs (on the right) as a leader
for the WG2 during a scientific workshop

2014 #1st MC meeting and WG meetings in Wageningen, Netherlands

The scientific kick-off meeting of Cost action ES1306 took place from the 24th  until the 26th of August in Wageningen.


During excursion Dr Rens Masselink, Dr Jantiene Baartman and Dr Saskia Keesstra (from the left) having a talk about the peat

START (11/2015 – 06/2016): Quantification of morphological changes in river channels and its impact on flood risk” (MORCHFLOOD – PA 05 Environmental Risks)

Danube Region Project Fund